2000 - present: Complex Systems

Comparing biological evolution and technological adaptation (e.g., through USPTO citations)

Visualizing the neuroscience of “Inattention Blindness” and its relationship to behavior



2021-2022: Publication of anthology(Bloomsbury Press) about D' Arcy Thompson's legacy in art (co-edited with C. Terranova); Pratt Manhattan Gallery exhibition that I curated

1996: “Contemporary Art and the Genetic Code,” spring issue Art Journal (55:1), guest editor (with B. Sichel), texts by S. J. Gould, R. Hoffmann, R. Root-Bernstein, M.  Kemp, and D. Nelkin; click for table of contents

1985: Participation in NASA's art program and developing NASA commission for art work based on launch of the space shuttle, Atlantis