Biological evolution has its counterpart in technological development. In this AR project, I look at specimens through the eyes of others, asking how they might view the collection of biological specimens in D'Arcy Thompson's laboratory. For example, pop artist Richard Hamilton was so enthralled by images in Thompson's 1917 tome, On Growth and Form, that he curated an exhibit in London inspired by it that effectively merged humans and machines. In these constructivist-like works I imagine the merger of once-living matter with a Ferrari via its patented blueprints. Another group of related works reflects the process of crystallization in J.G. Ballard's Crystal World. The images in the full series are based on photographs and sketches made at the D’Arcy Thompson Museum and lab where I held an artist residency in 2014. After being a resident at the Thompson museum, publishing about Thompson's legacy in the arts, and curating a related exhibition, I will exhibit my own related art there (2024).

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Entangled 1

Entangled 2

Entangled 3

Entangled 4