Viewers were asked to watch a game of 3-Card Monte on the animation and assigned a task to count the number of times the Queen of Hearts appeared. Most failed to see that, in the background, images of antiquities looted from Iraq in 2003 were being removed from the depicted shelves one-by-one. The real distractor was the claim of weapons of mass destruction prior to the US invasion of Iraq in 2003. 

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Animation and Installations: The panels, empty shelf, and works on paper show objects being looted from museums. Viewers may then more readily form associations with the objects shown disappearing from shelves in the animation.


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Stealing Attention
Black Room: Shelf
Disappearing Act
  stealing_monte   black_room_3  

Mixed Media

Jack of Hearts

Grafitti in Iraq

Broken Head
Conning Baghdad
Fleeced Charriot
King of Hearts
3-Card Monte
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Jack of Clubs